77895 (59%) 54420 (41%)
77895 (59%) people have pressed this button, while 54420 (41%) did not.
You get everything you could ever hope to buy for free
Only if fewer than 50% of people hit this button

KINGLINUS17 years ago
for the greater good I refused... at 51% pressed it

skidmark6347 years ago

get to a tree unicorn8 years ago
45% people pressed the button... time to get every dlc in every game I have

1Deamonfang5 months ago
59/41 DANGIT
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jkmc12057 years ago
51/49. CRAP!

Ophelia Standley-Thompson11 years ago
If I can't have it, no one can!

blyatman69233 years ago
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Keimy6 years ago

TyTrouty8 years ago
Yeah! 46%! Freeeeeee stuuuufffffff!

skidmark6347 years ago
51 percent

DustyRose6 years ago
I like to work for what i want. Its called earning it.

Cybox1436 years ago
NOBODY PRESS THE BUTTON (apart from meh)

SakuraHaruno6 years ago

darkpineapple6 years ago
so if less than 50% hit the button, i get infinite free stuff, and if over 50% hit it, nothing happens?

Themauf5 years ago
But you should consider being nice to other people, as your button pushing reduces the chance for them to get free stuff

Christopher Reyna11 years ago
i didnt hit it...and now that i think about it, all the nice people dont hit it and all the greedy people do haha

SilentStormslast year
Does that make me greedy? I swear, I'm nice.
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derfeniledam6 years ago
If only a couple people press it, then they can make it so that the other people have this too.

hodor6 years ago
there"s no reason not to hit it. If you don't hit it, there"s no chance you get get free stuff, and if you do hit it, and more than 50% of people hit it, there are no downsides.

SupaGama6 years ago

Greatcat7 years ago
50/50. Noooooooooooooooo!!!!

Wesley Coolen11 years ago
This perfectly shows how the world works... statistically

Slimelol2 years ago
58-42 :|

Tektik8 years ago
Damn, I'm late

Mega_Banette8 years ago
I think I was born well off enough to make this sacrifice :(

Davvedido6 years ago
Yeees i got it!!!!!!!

Skweekyman1238 years ago
It's not going to work is it

Elana Clare Smith11 years ago

Blastez7 years ago
As of writing this, 51% of people pressed the button.

Rarizard8 years ago
Meh, free food is all i want.

I_Pushed_The_Button7 years ago
No downside. Either nothing happens or you get money

Paag0g8 years ago
45%. That is close.

Brony697 years ago
Holy shit 50/50

daxtro538 years ago
Where the FUCK is my new PS 4

Joypofoo3 years ago
Im just not gonna comment

xXLakynXx8 years ago

Wendy9 years ago
Yes it's only 39%

HydraRampage7 years ago
49% pressed

Thatoneguy978 years ago
Still 42% on the 24th

Epsilon2168 years ago
No one will have anything they want if I can't have what I want!

tilmoph9 years ago
Sweet, gamble pays at 36%. Of course, even if it didn't, it cost me nothing to hit the button anyway.

Tjones7 years ago
Wow I expected it to be like 75% that hit the button

Youcef8 years ago
Yess i pressed the botton ad 45% pressed it too

Hawks17108 years ago
46% I have everything!!!!!

SirBoneless9 years ago

Chubby-Kitty7 years ago
Well it depends on what it"s 50% of. Much less than 50% of people in the world pressed this button.

the_pikmin_king8 years ago
56% you poor people

Felt2 months ago
我会把机会让给更多人(I will give the opportunity to more people)

oliver25118 years ago
48& pressed it

Slywolf8 years ago
If you have everything you loose purpose you won't won't everything once you have it

Keegan Clayton11 years ago
Didnt hit it to help... it didnt work too well.

ButtonLOLz337 years ago
I can save my own soul, b0i no

Rushel8 years ago
I can have it lol

seriously_smart2 years ago
you sons of bitches

Rainbowunicorns8 years ago
I'm not hitting the button.
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